The company ENSI in its educational and substantive activities, emphasizes the aspect of the protection of the right to privacy, which is an integral part of human dignity and personal freedom of man. Considering the company's strategy, which takes into account its creative impact on the environment, in September 2013, the company set up in its structure a new section ENSI ART, responsible inter alia for the implementation of the CSR policy of the company. ART ENSI activities focus on promoting awareness of human rights to using the language of art.

The company has developed the concept of the "Art can do more" - a series of artistic projects that aim to provoke discussion about the need for, and the rank of the presence of such concepts as brotherhood and respect for common rights - what these values mean for societies, what they mean to each citizen.

Inspiration for the concept of "Art can do more" is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which contains stipulations about the inalienable rights of every human being that is the right to life, dignity, liberty, personal safety and education; right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; right to freedom of opinion and its expression; the right to apply for asylum and to use it in another country in the case of persecution; prohibition of intimidation, torture and the use of slavery as well as the right to live in decent conditions.

Projects implemented by ENSI ART are designed to remind how great is the importance of the message contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, because it expresses the respect for life and takes it as the center around which are built such notations as equality, adoration, property, demonstration. Recalling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights seems to be particularly justified today. Reminding it, because we all know in what circumstances it was created and what situations as the code of honor should counteract. What must have been desperation of the creators of the Declaration but also what a faith.

Implementation of the "Art can more" ENSI ART started from the creation of the initiative "All Human Beings" within which there are two projects: the script of the spectacle – concert " All Human Beings", based on the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the exhibition " Human Rights. I see ", which combines the original articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and artistic photography (author of the photos: Maciej Byczkowski).

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